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Automatic Air Freshening


Full Range of programmable air freshening systems. Odour control sprays contain malodor counteractants. Safe formulations approved for use under EU regulations For Cleaner Smelling Washrooms, Air freshening units have a two part actuator nozzle for extra fine spray emissions…

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Feminine Hygiene Bins

Femine Hygiene Bins

ASTRAL SERVICE CHARTER Astral Feminine Hygiene Bins are available in pedal or automatic and you can choose from the following  finishes white, satin, brushed steel and bright chrome. Brand new bins supplied, No second hand re-washed bins used, No unsightly bins seen, being brought in or out of the building Permanent staff…

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Roller Towels & Dust Mats

Roller Towels

Dust Mats (Plain or With Logo) Serviced Fortnightly. Amber, Black, Steel, Slate Grey, Black Opal, Bronze, Blue Stone, Brick, Danish Blue, Emerald, Garnet, Meadow Green, Mid Blue, Onyx, Bronze. Roller Towels Serviced Weekly. A popular form of hand-drying, linen roller towels and roller towel dispensers…

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Urinal Sanitisation


Astral Sanitisers Due to more uric salt being present in men than in women, bad odors often emit from a build up of uric salt and lime scale in gents toilets. Pipe blockages are sometimes prevalent in gent’s urinals due to this build up. Chemical sanitizers and urinal sleeves can resolve these problems by breaking down bacterial growth…

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Natural Air Purification

Natural Air Purification

In nature, Ozone, or Tri Atomic Oxygen as it is also known, is an allotrope of Oxygen produced by the action of high energy discharges in lightning on Oxygen in the atmosphere. Ozone is second only to fluoride as the most powerful oxidant for sanitation. Prozone® recreates this natural process. The Ozone, produced destroys harmful micro-organisms…

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Water Management


Bye law 83 – Dept for The Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Water Supply) Regulations 1999, schedule 2 Every Pipe that supplies water to a urinal must be fitted with a form of water flow control. Savings can be made of up to £550 per annum when water management systems are fitted. Water saving comparison table…

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Nappy & Medical Bins


Astral Hygienic Nappy Bins. Nappy  bins available in white and yellow finishes. All bins are pedal bins and  50- 65 litre capacity. Strong biological sachets are inserted into bins to counteract malodours and germs. Larger 770 litre yellow wheelie bins are available for larger capacities. Astral Medical Bins, Pedal 50 litre medical bins for incontinence…

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Baby Changing Tables

Baby Changing Table

Astral offers a range of vertical and horizontal , wall mounted baby changing tables. Made from strong high density polyethylene (which inhibits bacterial growth, and is easy to clean. Tables are comfortable, strong and safe. Tested to 177kg. Available in Vertical or Horizontal Designs…

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Vending Machines

Multi Vend Machine

Multi and Dual Vend Machines. Full range of manual or automatic, metal or abs finish vending machine. Both Dual and Multi vend available with a comprehensive selection of product offerings. For more information on our range of Vending Machines please do not hesitate to contact us. …

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Washroom Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispenser

WASHROOM DISPENSERS – FULL RANGE AVAILABLE IN WHITE, STEEL OR CHROME. Towel Dispensers. Available in white, satin or chrome finishes and for dispensing both “C” fold or interleave paper hand towels. Soap Dispensers. Also available in a full range of finishes, bulk fill for liquid soap or cartridges. Foam soap dispensers also available…

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Warm Air Dryers

Hand Dryer One

Warm Air Dryers / Automatic Touch Free or Manual Operation. With the several recent increases in paper hand towel prices, and blockage problems in toilets, caused by people discarding paper towels into the toilet, many businesses are changing to the ore efficient less costly…

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Consumable Products

Astral Consumables

Astral Hygiene provides a full range of consumable products, at very competitive prices. Our consumable products cover all your washroom needs and ensure that your hygiene standards are not compromised. Our range of consumable products includes: Paper towels, Toilet rolls, Liquid soap, Back Bags, Clear bags, Cleaning materials etc…

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New Biodrier Hand Driers

Bio Dryer Executive

The ultra high-speed hand drier just got smaller. The Biodrier Eco keeps energy consumption to a minimum by using heat from its own motor to provide the hot air for hand drying. There are no waste products, such as paper towels to dispose of. Uses 90% less energy than conventional driers…

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