HD-GSQ88S Fast Dry Mini Jet High Speed Hand Dryer

/HD-GSQ88S Fast Dry Mini Jet High Speed Hand Dryer

HD-GSQ88S Fast Dry Mini Jet High Speed Hand Dryer

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Category: HD-GSQ88 Fast Dry Mini Jet Hand Dryer
Dimensions: 525mm H x 255mm W
Projection: 172mm
Capacity: 880 watts
Finish: ABS Metallic Silver Coated

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Unique water collection tray stops water being blown onto the floor and saves it for safe hygenic disposal.

The Fast Dry hand dryer, is the ultimate ultra-fast hand drying system. Working on the same principle as the latest blade style hand dryers, the dryer literally scrapes the water off of your hands with an ultra fast blade of air.

The NEW Fast Dry mini jet dryer is an ultra fast hand dryer featuring a small wall ‘footprint’, contemporary design and offering exceptional ultra fast hand drying performances whilst saving energy.

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