What advantages does the Biodrier have over conventional dryers?

The Biodrier only takes around 10 seconds to dry your hands. Biodrier models only consume 10% of electric energy compared to conventional warm-air driers – it is high performance but at a low cost! Using Biodrier is a completely contact free operation with 100% clean air used thanks to the HEPA filter.

Can I lease the Biodrier product from you?

Yes, rental services for all our Biodrier models are available. To pursue this route please contact us and specify that you would like to lease the product from us. We will then contact you and arrange an appointment.

Do Biodriers use hot air?

Our driers make a huge energy saving by using air pressure to dry the hands, rather than heat like conventional hand dryers. The air is warmed up by the internal motors to make it a comfortable temperature. Of course the ambient temperature of the room will affect how warm the air coming out of the drier is i.e if it is in a cold room the air will be cooler.

What is NAM?

The NAM stands for Noise Absorption Module. It absorbs and minimizes noise. This is only applicable to the Biodrier Executive model.

What safety devices does the Biodrier have?

The Biodrier has a temperature sensor and timer, regular and thermal fuses (bi-mental), power monitoring circuit and electric shock free circuit. The Biodrier’s safety devices free you from worry whilst using the product.

What certificates does the Biodrier have?

All our Biodrier products have been certified with the CE and WEEE certificates. The Biodrier Executive models have also acquired the GS, ETL, ROHS2, HACCP, certificates.



How do you clean the Biodrier?

Prior to cleaning your Biodrier unit please ensure you turn the power off.
Use a soft towel with warm water or a neutral detergent to clean the covers. (DO NOT SPRAY WATER DIRECTLY ONTO THE PRODUCT). Empty the water out of the tank and clean it. Cleaning the Biodrier is easier than washing the dishes!

Cleaning the Biodrier Executive

Please refer to the manual of each individual Biodrier product for complete instructions for cleaning your product.

Why is the Biodrier such an excellent choice?

The Biodrier has a fast drying time and the highly refined design compliments clean living. You will be satisfied with the speed, quality and cost of the Biodrier. This product has not been created just to dry your hands, but has been developed with peoples’ health and hygiene in mind.  Simply experience the Biodrier so you can compare and enjoy.

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