Water Management & UK Regulations

Water Management That Complies
Bye Law 83 – Dept for The Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
(Water Supply) Regulations 1999, schedule 2

  • Every Pipe that supplies water to a urinal must be fitted with a form of water flow control
  • Savings can be made of up to £550 per annum when water management systems are fitted.

Water saving comparison, showing Ureco managed & un-managed water

Current water rates (supply and sewage) average £1.69p* per unit. 1 unit = 220 gallons or 1000 litres.
1 x 9 litre urinal cistern flushes approximately every 15 mins.
Thus using 36 litres of water per hour or 315,360 litres per year = 315.36 units.
The Ureco managed system flushing 4 times per 24 hrs uses 13,140 litres per year or 13.14 units.

  System Units used per year Cost per unit Annual Cost Savings
  Unmanaged water 315.36 £1.69* £532.96
  Ureco System 13.14 £1.69* £22.21 £510.75

* £1.69 example used are current Thames Water official charges, other authorities may vary.

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