The Compact Hand Dryer

The Diamond Dryer is ideal for small washrooms where space is at a premium. Everything that makes a good hand dryer has been compacted into a small footprint. It has a reduced size with no compromise on performance.

This hand dryer has the lowest power consumption possible without compromising on performance and are so long lasting we give them an unrivalled seven year warranty.

The Modern Hand Dryer

The Diamond Dryer has a uniquely modern finish, which would not look out of place on a top of the range mobile phone.

This anodised finish not only looks beautiful, it also increases the durability of the hand dryer making it more resistant to scratches, corrosion and general wear and tear. Finished off with a diamond cut edge in a contrasting colour it is sure to be a talking point in any washroom.

The Long Lasting Dryer

The brushless motor at the heart of the Diamond Dryer makes it extremely durable. Brushless motors are also incredibly energy efficient, so hands are dried faster and cheaper.

Another benefit of a brushless motor is there is less noise when in operation, which can be a problem with other high speed hand driers.

The Energy Efficient Dryer

Low power consumption that does not compromise on performance. The Diamond Dryer could save you thousands of pounds a year if you are replacing old fashioned hand towels!

*Prices based on 200 uses a day for a year. Assumed cost £0.11 KW/h. Hand towel cost based on 2 towels per dry at a cost of £0.01 per towel.

Diamond Hand Dryers

The Low Maintenance Hand Dryer

The only maintenance this hand dryer needs is a wipe with a soft cloth to keep it clean. There are no filters to change, motor brushes to replace or drip trays to empty. This hand dryer works, simply.

The High Speed Hand Dryer

  A high speed air flow dries the hands in ten seconds or less. The air comes from a single nozzle on the undersideof the drier, positioned intuitively where hands would be placed. Because hands a dried through air speed, rather than heat, the Diamond hand dryer uses much less power than traditional hot air hand driers.

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