Nappy Bins | Medical Bins | Sanitary Bins, Great Range Available

Nappy Bins from Astral Hygiene

Nappy bins available in white and yellow finishes.
All bins are pedal bins and 50- 65 litre capacity.

Strong biological sachets are inserted into bins to
counteract malodours and germs.

Larger 770 litre yellow wheelie bins are available
for larger capacities.

Available in White / Yellow / Grey & NEW Frog Nappy Bin for nursery and pre-school.
Making fun of a smelly situation.

Medical Bins & Sanitary Bins.

Our hygienic medical bins are pedal 50 litre medical bins, ideal for incontinence and other medical waste. We have a great range of products and services available, please contact us for more information on how our Medical Bins, Sanitary Bins & feminine hygiene services.

Sharps Bins & Disposal

Astral offer a Sharps Bin & sharps disposal service with various sizes of sharps containers available.

Ideal for an ongoing hygienic environment for medical establishments, doctor’s surgeries, dentists, needle exchanges etc…

Please contact us for more information.

More information on our range of Nappy Bins, Medical Bins, Sanitary Bins, Sharps Bins & Disposal Service.
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