VIVA!e The Next Generation in Air Freshness

Viva!E does not use old aerosol or spray technology; it is a new generation of air freshener and the Worlds First to Use New Oxy-Gen Powered Technology.

Create The ‘WOW’ Factor
An Air Freshness system that emits intensely-scented pure fragrance continuously, creating a permanently fresh environment that has fresh impact every time you walk into the room.

Consistent Fragrance Levels – Guaranteed
Designed and engineered to deliver consistent and continuous levels of fragrance and odour control for the full life of each refill.

Most Eco-Friendly Air Freshener
OxyGen Powered technology is a clean source or power, producing continuous levels od intense fragrance that contain no propellants, solvents or CFCs – just Pure Natural Scent.

Carbon Footprint Approved Product
In an independent process the Oxy-Gen Powered system has been assessed and verified for emissions and energy consumption and was found to have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to aerosol products in the market.

Top Quality Fragrances
Each fragrance has been selected for thier intensity; each has been extensively tested for performance over the refill life; each has been field tested for popularity and appeal.

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