A single shot room fogger from DuoMax to disinfect areas of up to 30sqm for fast and effective disinfection of spaces. DuoMax has been developed over 20 years and is a highly effective disinfecting product. Its unique formula kills up to 99.9999% (leaves 1 in a million pathogens) of bacteria and viruses making it significantly better than most competitive products which claim 99.9% (ie leaves 1 in one thousand pathogens). It has been tested by leading laboratories and scientists and complies with EN 14476, EN 1650, EN 13704 and EN 1276. DuoMax has also undergone a year long live test by the NHS and been shown to be as effective as bleach based products but without the respiratory sensitisation issues or corrosive qualities. The mode of action involves penetrating pathogens and destroying the nucleic acid. Unlike alcohol, the product does not immediately evaporate and, in turn, this prevents cross contamination.

The product uses Quat technology and is bleach/alcohol free making it friendly for all surfaces and the skin. It can be used on fabric and other soft surfaces as well as hard surfaces and is safe to use in food preparation areas. No specific PPE is required. Unlike bleach based products, Boeing have approved the product as non corrosive on air frames. DuoMax has been shown to be effective against many specific pathogens including Coronavirus, SARS, Ebola, Norovirus and MRSA plus many others. Few other products have been so extensively proven. DuoMax is used in many government offices including DEFRA and the Environment Agency.

Place aerosol in centre of area to be disinfected. Push down the button, leave the area for 15 mins


Viking No. 1133997
EAN/UPC 5060882630042
Brand DuoMax
Contents 100 ml
Manufacturer Part No. DM-FG-FF-0100
Pack Quantity 100 ml
Product Type Aerosol Room Fogger
Unit Each
What’s in the box 100ml aerosol