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Multi Vending Station

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Category: Vendors
Dimensions: 1000mm H x 360mm W
Projection: 230mm
Capacity: N/A
Finish: ABS Plastic White

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The Multivend is a classic within the vending hygiene sector and can provide up to 9 product choices, therefore providing an ideal solution.
The Multivend can be wall-mounted and congured to dispense a wide range of leading brand name consumables, including breathfresheners, toothpaste and toothbrushes, chewing gum, tights and painkillers.

The Multivend is an ideal solution for hotels, gyms,shopping centres, airports, stations, leisure centres and more. Price, coin and product changes can be reprogrammed using a simple internal keyboard. The unit has a digital display which indicates price, availability, stock levels and service requirements. Contemporary and stylish in design, the Multivend is available in a variety of nishes – ABS plastic, epoxy white steel and robust stainless steel. The Multivend is also fully congurable and can be customised to suit your specic market requirements.

● Up to 9 product choices – Vends leading brand named products
● Configurable shelves
● 6 or 10 button option
● Secure electronic operation
● Easy price, coin and product change
● Out of stock indicator
● Accepts up to 12 different coins
● Configurable for any currency
● Does not provide change
● Self-contained – no mains wiring
● Long life battery power


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