ZIP WB-HP103 Water Boiler

/ZIP WB-HP103 Water Boiler

ZIP WB-HP103 Water Boiler

£1,250.00 +VAT

Category: Water Chillers/Boilers
Dimensions: 431mm H x 289mm W
Projection: 180mm
Capacity: 18 Cups at once 100 per hour
Finish: Stainless Steel

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The NEW Zip Hydroboil Plus is the most energy efficient drinking water heater on the market today. Instant boiling hot water available in the widest range of sizes to suit every installation. Zip’s patented high-precision temperature control systems are designed to keep the boiling water within one degree of the boiling point. This means boiling water and only boiling water is delivered every time. Intelligent energy conservation will switch off automatically during known periods of inactivity.
• Integral 24hr 7 day timer enables the unit to switch off automatically
• Cool -Touch Tap, exclusive to the Zip Hydroboil
• Intelligent energy conservation, inbuilt sleep model
• Five-micron filtration removes particulates that contaminate drinking water
• Designed to keep the boiling water within one degree of boiling point
• 18 Cups at once 100 Cups per hour
• Stainless Steel Finish

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