Fab30 Urinal Mats (Boxed 24)

/Fab30 Urinal Mats (Boxed 24)

Fab30 Urinal Mats (Boxed 24)

£48.00 +VAT

Flexible & discreet design

Innovative flexible design fits any urinal, while the transparent screen discretely protects the drain by trapping debris.

High Impact Fragrance

The Fab 30 screens are impregnated with high-quality fragrances for a fresh smelling washroom. Neutra-lox malodour eliminator, a proprietary odour neutralising agent eliminates bad odours, instead of masking them. The unique formulation of Fab 30 leaves only fresh scent in the air that lasts upto 30 days.

Eliminates Splash-Back

Innovative mesh design with angled grooves, eliminates splash-back and keeps the urinal area clean and fresh.




*New Product Alert*
Introducing Fab 30 Fragrance Urinal Screens! 
FAB 30 screens are infused withHigh-impact fragrances & Neutra-lox malodour eliminator.
The flexible design ensures they fit any urinal & no splash-back!
Available in 10 Premium Fragrances that match the Oxy-Gen Powered scents!

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