The V-Screen® urinal screens offer an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing. It also combats odour control between washroom cleaning visits. V-Screen® is VOC exempt and non-hazardous, with no restrictions when transporting and has no storage issues.

A pleasant fragrance is provided, keeping the urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days.

V-Screen® fits over the drain or urinal and acts as a net to catch debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes, paper and other refuse.

  • Incorporates a malodour eliminating substance which has the ability to deodorise smells that may exist within the urinal.
  • Unique web design prevents splash back.
  • Innovative angled anti splash texture keeps urinal area clean.
  • VOC exempt. Environmentally aware.
  • Non-hazardous, no restrictions when transporting and has no storage issues.
  • An additional scent additive keeps the urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days.
  • Choice of unique fragrances available
  • Cost effective – save money with no more drain blockages.
  • Unique anti-slip feature helps keep optimum position.
  • Service handle means quick and easy replacement.


Screen size: 178mm x 178mm

Pack: 12 screens per case (each screen in sealed bag c/w hygiene glove)

Pack size: (L) 190mm (W) 73mm (H) 220mm

Pack weight: 0.57kg

Fragrance longevity: Up to 30 days – (Period After Opening).

Colour: Transparent light grey (low opacity).

Main Material: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer).


RED: Apple Orchard – A spicy rich, indulgent aroma with hints of cinnamon, apple and velvety vanilla.

YELLOW: Citrus Mango – A luscious fragrance bursting with tropical citrus and mango fruits to stimulate your senses.

BLUE: Cool Mint – A blend of wild mint and a hint of herbal jasmine fuse to create a fresh, energising fragrance with clean, crisp notes.

GREEN: Cucumber Melon – A delicate crush of cucumber with a calming melon creates a rejuvenating spa-like scent.

WHITE: Ocean Spray – A wave of soapy, cool marine musk mixed with a floral blend creates a fresh, clean fragrance that brings the outdoors in.